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Halifacts was established in the summer of 2014 by a couple of Halifax history nerds named Mark and Hillary. They’re Cape Breton ex-pats-turned-Haligonians who’ve fell in love with the city they’ve called home now for years. From the city’s music scene, to the nature on the outskirts of town, Halifax has so much to be excited about — and they want to spread the good word.

Hillary is a journalist who’s been carrying around an old rusty nail she found on Deadman’s Island in her car for the past two years . Her dream is to visit Sable Island, explore its shipwrecks and live with the horses there forever.

Mark is a business professional working in the heart of downtown Halifax who can see McNabs Island from his office.  He sees every weekend as a new opportunity to plan the next canoe, hike, kayak, or road trip to explore Nova Scotia.

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– Mark & Hillary



October 14, 2014at 8:34 pm

You guys rock. Love this! keep it going…

Ryan C

October 17, 2014at 2:10 pm

How long before I’m selling Tourism PEI ads on this site?


December 10, 2014at 7:17 am

Nice looking blog. I look forward to reading more. I noticed in your bio that you took a nail from Deadman’s Island. While it can be thrilling to discover artifacts and form a connection with a historic place, it’s important to remember that removing artifacts from sites of potential archaeological value may deny us of a more full understanding of the site’s past. A nail may seem insignificant, but if every visitor to Deadman’s Island took an artifact, then we might lose some important information in the future. If you see an artifact, please leave it where you found it. If you feel it may be of archaeological significance, please contact the Special Places Program of the Dept. of Communities, Culture and Heritage. Thanks!

Helen Earley, Halifax City Editor, Family Fun Canada.com

December 10, 2014at 4:03 pm

Best of luck with the new website. I have a feeling it’ll become an institution!

Caron and jim harker

January 12, 2015at 4:00 pm

Jim and I watched your morning interview guys, great! Very informative, good idea. Best of luck with it auntie c

Rosanne Gillis-Roy

January 14, 2015at 4:58 pm

Very cool guys. Love it. Thanks

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