Welcome to Halifacts!

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Welcome to Halifacts!


Halifacts was established in July 2014 when a passion for Halifax history was put into action. A Twitter brand was created and Haligonians responded. We’re now online with Facebook, a column with Haligonia, and this website (obviously). Our goal is to provide more than just old photos or old wives tales. We want to find the most interesting parts of our city’s history that can apply to what we see around us every day.

We’re in the early stages of our development, but we appreciate your support. Have a look throughout this first version of our website and let us know what you think with comments or emails!


Helen Windsor

October 14, 2014at 8:39 pm

Great job…….so interesting. Keep up the fantastic work!!!

Peter McCurdy

December 11, 2014at 10:30 am

Love your site !

loran bower

January 12, 2015at 5:52 pm

my grandmother always warned me of the “poor house”..if she gave a gift of a purse(wallet)..there was always money in it ,a penney or more,but it was because of the poor house…if you have a penny you weren’t broke…all others could be subject to the poor house..my grandmother always wanted more for me…so asked me not to be eligible.check out the poor house.

peter McCurdy

January 30, 2015at 5:32 pm

Amelia Earkhart landed her plane here when she was circumnavigating the world.1920’s?

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