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The Five Fishermen: A restaurant, a school… a morgue?

The Five Fishermen may be one of Halifax’s most esteemed restaurants today, but what do you know about its history? Well, the building was first used as a schoolhouse after it was built in the early 1800s, becoming the first school in the country to offer free education. It was then bought over by Anna

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Harry Houdini honed his craft in Halifax

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Harry Houdini was an international legend. Performing illusionist acts such as escaping from a straight-jacket underwater and surviving being buried alive were just a couple of the death-defying footprints he left behind in his legacy. But, who would have thought Houdini had a connection to Halifax, Nova Scotia? Houdini didn’t simply visit the province, he lived here

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Angus L. Macdonald was a total badass

All Haligonians are familiar with the Macdonald bridge — but how much do you know about the man behind the name? There are many reasons to be proud of our two-time Premier. “Angus L.” was raised in a family of 14 children and grew up to pay his own way through university at StFX. He played

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Halifacts on air!

The folks over at Global Halifax were kind enough to feature us on their Morning News today, and we had a great time chatting with Paul about Halifacts. Check out the interview if you missed it! Click here to view the frameless video..

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Halifax was home to North America’s first professional zoo

As a resident of Halifax, how far would you imagine you’d need to go to see tigers, leopards, or a polar bear? Once upon a time, a Halifax zoo called Downs’ Zoological Gardens hosted these animals and many more. Downs’ Zoological Gardens was in operation between 1847 and 1867 and then again between 1869 and

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McNabs Island: A long-lost ocean playground

To many Haligonians, McNabs Island represents the military history of our city. Those who visit the island follow long dirt paths from one historic fort to another. But what many of us might not realize is that McNabs Island was once home to Canada’s self-proclaimed “Largest and Cleanest Carnival Midway,” owned and operated by none

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